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Thinking Differently

At Farm Intelligence²™, we're combining new technologies and new observation techniques with data science. We've created profound changes in the way farmers scout their fields and preserve yields. We start by combining aerial crop data with data generated in agricultural operations, then analyze it with our WingScan™ software. The end result assists farmers and their trusted advisors to make sound scientific decisions quickly - We call it Decision Agriculture™

Modern day seed genetics for corn are capable of 600 Bu/acre yield, and soybean genetics are capable of 200 Bu/acre in the bag. Yet, the harvested amounts are much less. Throughout the life of a plant there are opportunities to take action and improve the health and vigor of the plant. Identifying those opportunities and taking appropriate action will preserve yield and improve profits.

What if you could add 30-50 bushels per acre in your corn product? Where would you look to for an opportunity to increase your soybean yields by an additional 6-10 bushels per acre? How could you identify the best opportunities for action?

  • Scouting all of your fields using imagery and data captured in the morning, processed and analyzed on the Internet, then later that day receive an action alert on your mobile phone or iPad.
  • Making re-planting or marketing decisions by receiving a shape file on your mobile phone or iPad that identifies actual germinated stand count growing in each field, then comparing that data with your as-planted information.
  • Receiving yield information on your mobile phone or iPad during the harvest, including placement analysis from your operation and benchmarked with your peers daily.

Farm Intelligence²™ is thinking differently by creating new analytical tools in their WingScan™ software and delivering action alerts quickly to our customers. Our tools, approach, perspective and information continue to expand by leveraging the most of what technology can deliver to agriculture.

Farm Intelligence²™ believes...
  • One of the most important assets a farmer owns is their product data.
  • There are hidden answers in your data.
  • It's possible to exceed modern-day yields by making better decisions faster.
  • Farmers want assistance understanding the large amounts of data from their operations.
  • Farmers want to replace pretty pictures with action alerts.
  • Farmers want to work with partners looking out for the farmer's best interest.
  • Farmers want to be alerted about problems in their crops.
  • Farmers want to be good stewards of our natural resources.
  • Farmers can have better relationships with their landlord, and better rental agreements by sharing better information with each other.
  • In challenging the status quo - Thinking Differently
WingScan™ software from Farm Intelligence²™ transforms precision agriculture into Decision Agriculture™
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